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Norway’s official websites abroad

Norway has more than 100 diplomatic and consular missions located all over the world. All of these have their own websites, which provide information for the local population and for Norwegian nationals in the host country.

Select the appropriate continent to find the mission closest to you.

Amerika Afrika Europa Australia Asia

Region / Région / Región / Region

Africa / Afrique / África / Afrika
America / Amérique / América / Amerika
Asia / Asie / Asia / Asien
Europe / Europe / Europa / Europa
Oceania / Océanie / Oceanía / Ozeanien

Delegations / Délégations / Delegaciones / Delegationen

COE, Strasbourg (English)
EU, Brussel (Norsk)
EU, Brussels (English)
NATO, Brussels (English)
OECD, Paris (English)
OSCE, Vienna (English)
UN, New York (English)
UN/WTO (Geneva)